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Hola Interaktywna Multikostka edukacyjna ZA3909

Prekės kodas: ZA3909

Turimas kiekis: Pristatymas per 7-10 d. d.

zabawka edukacyjna, multikostka, zabawka interaktywna
€5445 su PVM
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Gamintojas: Hola
The popular interactive multi-cube from the well-known Hola brand, in a new, refreshed color version. The cube has many functions that will surely interest every toddler, it will allow for many hours of great fun and education in one. All elements of this toy have been designed to be suitable for a child s tiny hands. The sounds played will stimulate the child s senses and encourage them to discover the source of the sounds made. The elements for pressing, hitting and sliding will help in manual development.The toy has five interactive surfaces and one upper, as well as a maze of colored beads to exercise manual skills. Each wall of the toy has a different play and educational set. It is made very solidly and effectively in very nice matching colors.

Wall with a steering wheel - Designed for small drivers.There is a car key here which, when turned, activates the sound of the engine. The steering wheel, which is driven by the car, and on it there is a horn with a light and sound effect.Wall with gears - Here we have a note that activates the playing of melodies, shining on the top of the drum and the aquarium. The star stops the melodies played. Two gears, smaller with a handle, which makes the bigger ones move, activating the sound and light in the drum and the aquarium.Wall with microphone - Here is a retractable microphone with a loudspeaker and volume control. The movable mirror can be adjusted upwards or downwards. After turning it on, it turns into a neon-lit TV with a picture of a singing animal.Hammer Wall - Here you can hammer small things a little with a hammer.It is a game of hitting an orange or yellow button with a hammer, which causes the ball to be thrown through the transparent tunnel to one side or the other. Of course, all the fun is accompanied by funny sounds, and the top lamp also lights up. There are also two movable elements: a banana and an apple on a self-winding string.Wall to press - Here the child can call from the phone by pressing squeaky buttons (the phone is pulled out). Watch various stories that change with the orange button. Each press shows a different picture: with a birthday - then the melody from HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU comes out - perfect for a birthday. The next picture informs us that it s time to go to sleep - it is accompanied by the chirping of grasshoppers, snoring and a short lullaby. And the last picture informs you that it s time to get up and do the morning toilet - it is accompanied by the sound of teeth washing and rinsing, rooster crowing and morning singing of birds.Toy mountain:There is an on / off switch for the whole toy, two labyrinths with different colored beads to move, a light-playing drum, a place to store the hammer and of course the green hammer itself with rubberized ends.Toy dimensions:- height 24 cm- width 29 cmThe toy is powered by three 1.5V AA batteries (not included).Everything is packed in a colorful box. The toy is perfect for a gift.
SVORIS 1.3 kg
PAKUOTĖS MATMENYS 30 x 28.5 x 17.5cm
REKOMENDUOJAMA mergaitei;berniukui;unisex
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